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Our Difference

we continue to build on our proud 140 year history.

We continue to build on our proud 140-year history of being one of Australia’s leading quality beef producers focusing on producing consistent, great-tasting beef, building long term customer partnerships whilst caring for our people, animals and environment.

NAPCo’s Five Founders cattle roam and graze on grasslands, that were first pioneered over 140 years ago. That is our greatest testament to long term sustainable land management.

Thanks to generations of experience and responsible care, our pastures are just as fertile today as they were when our original founders ran cattle on Alexandria Downs back in 1877.

“We have cattle grazing pastures today which have been continuously grazed for 140 years; and to me, that’s sustainability in action.”

Nigel Alexander, NAPCo

Whole of Life

Caring for our cattle from birth

As breeders, pastoralists and beef producers, we adopt a whole-of-life approach to the care of our animals. They remain under our experienced, watchful eyes at every stage of the production process. With a herd of approximately 200,000 head of cattle and brandings in excess of 60,000 calves each year, our cattle are recognised for their quality and quietness.

Five Founders’ cattle spend their whole lives in NAPCo’s care ensuring complete traceability from birth to processing. They’re bred with a focus on temperament, physical attributes and quality meat-eating characteristics. All our cattle are given a life free from stress, enjoy pristine, natural Australian environments and often live with the same herd of animals throughout their whole life. Complete control throughout the supply chain not only ensures full traceability but also ensures our Five Founders Natural Australian Beef meets our highest, consistent quality. We’ve spent more than 140 years ethically raising our cattle, in a fertile land environment, to craft the finest quality beef for you to enjoy.

Animal Care

Quiet Content Cattle

All our cattle roam free in a natural environment and receive the utmost care with no antibiotics or additional hormones in their diet. Our pastoralists respect and observe humane handling practices.

Animal care has always been one of NAPCo’s core values. Thanks to our ingrained, stress-free handling techniques, our cattle are known throughout the industry for their quietness and ease of handling. As a cattle and beef company, the way we care for our animals is critically important because the happiest, most content animals are the best performers. So we insist on providing our animals with optimal conditions and treatment throughout their life.


  • Low-stress handling practices
  • Ongoing staff development
  • Improved design of yard and holding facilities
  • Access to ample feed and short distances to water
  • Careful selection and monitoring of our transport partner


Sustainability in Action

Even before the phrase “sustainable farming” was coined, our cattle-breeding ancestors knew that a quality product resulted from sensitive management of both their livestock and the land.

Maintaining good ground and tree cover is essential to successfully work hand-in-hand with the environment. Our graziers philosophy is ‘forest friendly’ with all our properties grazed in a responsible, sustainable approach.

In 2009, NAPCo entered into a formal partnership with Bush Heritage Australia to support conservation initiatives across our 14 North Australian and Queensland properties. As part of our environmental commitment, NAPCo have dedicated sections of three properties as Nature Refuge; the equivalent of 400,000 hectares of protected land, and with a goal to increase this over time.

NAPCo is committed to strengthening the adaptation and resilience of our lands biodiversity, productivity and carbon density and ultimately, its longevity. Our pristine natural environment, clean rivers and fertile grasslands are a testament to our long term sustainability vision.

NAPCo is committed to preserving and protecting the natural Australian environments we graze and the flora and fauna within.


140 Year History

The North Australian Pastoral Company’s longevity in the industry can be credited to its capacity to innovate and adapt to new technologies and ideas. The company is currently involved in a range of research and development projects, with its own internal composite breeding program an outstanding innovation that has led to worldwide recognition.

With a herd of approximately 200,000 head of cattle and brandings in excess of 60,000 calves each year, NAPCO cattle are recognised for their quality and quietness.

In the mid-1980’s, we identified composite breeding as a means of capitalising on preferred traits in cattle and retaining hybrid vigour.

NAPCo’s two composite breeds – the Alexandria composite and the Kynuna composite – are the end result of a breeding program which is acknowledged as the largest of its type in the world.

Our cattle spend their whole lives roaming free and grazing our pristine pastures, managed and protected through 140 years of sustainable farming.