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Demonstrating to the rest of the world what can be done

We’re proud to announce a new landmark partnership with the Australian Wildlife Conservancy (AWC) that will include an additional six million hectares to conservation land management in Australia.
The historic new relationship will see the two organisations working together to develop a long term collaborative plan, effectively doubling AWC’s footprint to identify, preserve and influence positive, measurable outcomes for the benefit of biodiversity.

The NAPCo property estate covers a diverse range of ecosystems and supports significant populations of two nationally threatened mammals, the Greater Bilby and Kowari. For the Bilby, these are some of the last remaining wild populations in Australia.

This partnership will deliver science and conservation programs on one of Australia’s largest and oldest pastoral operations. Recognising the significant conservation values of its estate, NAPCo is committed to sustainable environmental management
and protecting the flora and fauna.

Extending AWC’s collaborative and pragmatic model, this partnership will see conservation and pastoralism working side by side for the benefit of biodiversity.