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Generations of Quality

Since 1877

You Still Can't Make It Rain Book Cover

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NAPCo began in 1877 when its original partners took up leases over a vast area of the Barkly Tableland in the Northern Territory, with Queensland properties added over time as the company grew and developed. Family-based ownership remained predominant within NAPCo until 2016 when QIC (Queensland Investment Corporation) became the majority investor.

This thoroughly researched and attractively illustrated history of the company is a hard-cover book of 620 pages. It is a fascinating account of the people who created the company, of their descendants and others who have shared in its ownership, and of all those who have served it so well. It is a story of properties and cattle, and the outback itself, and provides an invaluable case study in the development of the northern Australian cattle industry.

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Our Story

Farming successfully and sustainably for over 140 years.

Proudly one of Australia’s largest and oldest cattle companies, an establishment whose descendants and others who have shared in its ownership, are still present in the business today.

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Our Difference

Caring for our animals and the environment.

We continue to build on our proud 140-year history of being one of Australia’s leading cattle producers focusing on producing consistent, great-tasting beef, building long-term customer partnerships whilst caring for our people, animals and environment.

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“we take pride in the wellbeing of our livestock”

Stewart Taylor, Head of Pastoral