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Australia’s first carbon neutral certified beef

Ahead of the Herd

With sustainability in our DNA, creating a beef product with a zero carbon footprint
was a natural progression for NAPCo.

Five Founders Beef is the first beef product to be certified carbon neutral by the Australian Federal Government
in April 2019. It’s an achievement our five founders would be proud of.

We launched Five Founders to meet the demand of the mindful meat-lover and instil confidence in consumers that they can reduce the environmental impact of their dietary choices while enjoying a delicious steak.

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We’re continuously seeking ways to invest in the planet, with our carbon neutral certified branded beef the first step. In another step toward our mission to reduce our carbon footprint, NAPCo have partnered with the global health, nutrition and bioscience leader, Royal DSM, which will see the breakthrough product Bovaer® used through
the NAPCo supply chain.

With livestock accounting for approximately 16 per cent of the world’s global greenhouse emissions, Bovaer® is a dietary supplement for cattle and other ruminants. It acts as a methane inhibitor, suppressing the enzyme that triggers methane production in an animal’s stomach. A Meat & Livestock Australia funded project in 2021 found that the addition of Bovaer® to a cattle feed ration reduced methane production by up to 90% with no impact on daily gain and feed conversion ratios.

Not only will Bovaer® deliver a great benefit to the environment, there will be absolutely no change to quality or flavour, just better beef.

“The inclusion of Bovaer® in our supply chain is a game-changer for us. Bovaer® will contribute significantly to reducing methane emissions from our herd, an important step in our drive for sustainable production.”


Reducing our carbon footprint

We appreciate the impact meat production can place on the natural environment and through our carbon neutral beef product, the entire carbon dioxide emitted from production is measured, reduced and offset.

We measure our carbon footprint at every point of our supply chain and reduce our emissions through soil regeneration, planting legume crops, renewable solar energy initiatives, improved genetics, supplements trials and purchasing carbon credits for approved Emissions Reduction Fund projects.

The integration of Bovaer® dietary supplement is the next step in reducing our emissions further and achieving net zero.

We’re excited to progress our carbon journey, working to further reduce our footprint for a greener future.