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Our Sustainability


Our commitment to the land is unwavering

Sustainability and the welfare of our animals have always been at the heart of our business and we remain committed to ensuring a viable and enduring future for our company, our employees, our partners, our customers and our livestock.
We continue to build on our proud history of being one of Australia’s leading quality beef producers
by focusing on four key pillars of our Sustainability Framework:


Animal Welfare


People and Community

By constantly monitoring the health of our land and pasture communities, NAPCo continually invest in initiatives and innovations that drive our sustainability forward. One of the ways we look to achieve this, is by partnering with leading experts and organisations to find breakthrough solutions.

Sustainability is a mindset, and has been our compass for the past 145 years – our position has been a commitment to protect the environment, while providing a future for many generations to come.


FY23 Sustainability Report.

‘Sustainability’ was fundamental to the NAPCo way of working long before it became part of our daily language.  While we have taken great pride in quietly and methodically innovating for generations, it is incumbent of this business to share its key achievements, as well as its goals and targets for the future of sustainable beef.

We believe that authentic, transparent and measurable reporting around sustainability hugely benefits our industry.  We want our story to help the world better understand how and why pastoral businesses like NAPCo make a valuable contribution to society and our planet.

View FY23 Report

View Baseline Report

“Since 1877, we’ve been quietly going about our business; caring for and respecting our country, our people and our animals has just been a way of life. Our Sustainability is our commitment to a greener future, it’s a legacy we continue to add to every day through innovative thinking, effective partnerships and socially-responsible achievements.”

Allan Cooney, Our CEO


NAPCo has led the way in sustainable beef production. It’s a legacy we continue to add to every day through innovative thinking, effective partnerships and socially-responsible achievements.

Learn about our sustainability initiatives


As a significant landowner in Australia, we consider ourselves custodians of the land for future generations.

NAPCo has a remarkable record of sustainable natural resource management and environmental stewardship that dates back 145 years. Our experienced station managers have been monitoring our rangelands with the support of formalised data collection and assessment of land collection, pasture biomass and species diversity. This increases productivity of our herd, maintains and improves biodiversity, and protects the natural resources across the property portfolio.

To focus on enhancing our conservation we have also entered a landmark partnership with The Australian Wildlife Conservancy (AWC). This historic relationship will see the two organisations working together to influence positive, measurable outcomes for biodiversity across NAPCo’s six million hectare estate. We have also designated 385,000 hectares of land in the channel country region of Western Queensland as a Nature Refuge – a natural corridor for rare and native flora and fauna species to flourish and populate. And we’re committed to reducing our carbon emissions through production efficiencies and using renewable energy.

“We have cattle grazing pastures today which have been continuously grazed for 145 years; and to me, that’s sustainability in action.”

Nigel Alexander, NAPCo

Animal Welfare

Our animals and livestock are at the heart of everything we do.

NAPCo is 100% committed to the welfare, well-being and health of its cattle and other animals. We proactively manage their welfare across the entire supply chain journey including on-station, feedlot, livestock transport, selling and processing to minimise stress and ensure quality of life.

As a general guide to managing best practice animal welfare outcomes, we not only adhere to all Australian standards and guidelines, but are also consistently reviewing and improving our practices to maximise the health and care of our livestock and the quality of our product.

View Animal Welfare Position Statement


Seasons come and go, safety
is a year round priority.

NAPCo recognise that the unique nature of our workplaces provide specific risks to our workforce, and we embrace health and safety as a core business value that underpins everything we do. We actively work to provide a safe work environment and protect our people. We view safety performance as fundamental to our overall success and our social license to operate.

Looking forward, we aim to continuously refine and build on our health and safety culture, behaviours, infrastructure and performance. To fulfill our commitment to our people, NAPCo will:

  • Consistently demonstrate and promote visible leadership in safety
  • Provide a safe working environment
  • Ensure that effective WHS management systems are in place
  • Continuously improve our WHS processes and performance
  • Work collaboratively with contractors and other stakeholders
  • Be prepared and respond effectively to emergencies and incidents
  • Comply with all legal and other obligations.

View Workplace Health and Safety Policy


Our strength is in our people.

At NAPCo, our people are vital and the communities in which we live and work underpin our ability to operate effectively. We recognise that diverse teams are safer, more productive, and more engaged and therefore, embracing an inclusive and diverse workplace is critical to our long-term strategic objectives.

With approximately 220 people located across Queensland and the Northern Territory, we are committed to providing an inclusive work environment that embraces, promotes and values diversity. We’re proud of our culture that’s based on our purpose, pillars and values, with sustainability at the heart—deeply embedded in the actions we take, the decisions we make and the local businesses we partner with and support.

In 2022 NAPCo proudly support the development of a new Aeromedical Base in Mount Isa for the Royal Flying Doctor Service (Queensland Section). The new RFDS Base will help provide emergency evacuations, primary health care and mental health services to western Queensland for many years to come.

As proud members of the communities in which we live and work, we endeavour to make significant contributions to ensure they continue to thrive well into the future. It’s all part of our unwavering commitment to sustainability.